Fun Discord Games To Engage Your Community

Fun Discord Games To Engage Your Community (With Full Setup Guide).

  • 28-02-2023

    Engaging your community is essential for building a strong and active community. When you engage your members, you create a space where people feel welcome and want to return to. Engaged members are more likely to contribute to discussions, share their thoughts and ideas, and participate in events and activities. This creates a positive feedback loop that can lead to increased growth and a more vibrant community.

    Furthermore, community engagement fosters a sense of belonging and connection among members. By hosting games and activities, you are creating opportunities for people to interact and build relationships with each other. This can help to build a loyal following and create a sense of shared purpose and identity within your community.

    In this article, I share the top fun Discord games that can help you build a sense of community and engagement with your members.

    1. Poker

      Poker night is a great way to engage your community and have some fun together. To host a poker night on Discord, you can use a free online tool like PokerNow . This tool allows you to create a private online poker game with custom rules and settings. You can share the game link with your community members and invite them to join. During the game, you can use Discord's voice chat feature to talk with your friends and make the experience more immersive. To make the event more exciting, you can even offer a prize to the winner, such as a Discord Nitro subscription or a custom role on your server.

      You can also create a whole economy with the bot by simply adding their bot to the server you can read more details on how to do that here

      Here is a simple guide on how to host a poker game using poker now:

    2. Marbles on Stream

      Marbles on Stream is an interactive game that allows streamers and their viewers to play together in real time. To play Marbles on Stream, viewers need to purchase the game on Steam. Once the game is installed, the streamer can start a stream and invite their viewers to join the game. During the game, viewers can control their own marbles and compete with other players to reach the finish line first. The game can be customized with different maps, obstacles, and power-ups to make it more challenging and engaging. Marbles on Stream is a great way to connect with your viewers and create a sense of community around your channel.

      Here is a detailed guide on how to host the game:

    3. Discord Events

      Discord has recently introduced a new games system that allows users to play games directly within their Discord servers. These games are interactive and fun to play, and they are available exclusively to users with Discord Nitro subscriptions. To access the games, simply click on the new Rocket Ship icon next to the Video and Screenshare buttons in a voice chat channel.

      Discord Activities

      You will be presented with a list of games to choose from, including trivia, puzzles, and card games. You can also invite your friends to play with you and compete for the top score. Discord events are a great way to engage your community and encourage social interaction in your server.

      Top games to play using discord events are:
      • Bubble League
      • Putt Party

    4. Royale Rumble

      Royale Rumble is a custom game mode that can be played using the Rumble Bot. This bot allows you to create custom games with your own rules and settings. Royale Rumble is a survival game where players must fight each other to be the last one standing. To play Royale Rumble, simply invite the Rumble Bot to your server and follow the setup instructions. Then, invite your community members to join the game and have some fun!

      Discord Activities

    5. Gartic using Gartic Bot

      Gartic is a popular drawing game that can be played using the Gartic Bot. Basically, the bot will send sketches and users need to guess what the sketch is about, each correct guess will give users points, and at the end of the round, the user with the highest score wins.
      To play Gartic, simply invite the bot to your server and follow the setup instructions. Then, invite your community members to join the game and start drawing! . Gartic is a great way to showcase your creativity and have some fun with your friends.

      Discord Activities

    6. is a fun and interactive game that allows your community members to test their drawing and guessing skills. One player draws a word, and others have to guess it. You can even make the event more interesting by selecting specific themes or categories for the words. This game can help your community members bond and have a great time together.

    7. Scavenger Hunt

      Scavenger hunts are another fun game that can be hosted on Discord. To play this game, you need to create a list of hints and answers that lead to the next clue. When players solve one hint, they receive the next one until they solve the final clue. You can use bots to automate this game and make it more interesting. When players type the answer to a bot, if they are correct, the bot will DM them the next question, and the game continues until all clues are solved.

    8. Trivia and Quizzes

      Trivia and quizzes are also great ways to engage your community on Discord. With the help of the Quiz Bot, you can create quizzes that are already in the bot or create your own ones. Trivia games can be customized to fit the interests of your community members, and it's a great way to test their knowledge while also having fun. Hosting trivia events regularly can also keep your community members engaged and interested in your server.

      Here is a detailed guide on them:

    Engaging with your Discord community can be a lot of fun, and these top games are a great way to do it. Whether you're hosting a Poker Night, playing Marbles on Stream, or using custom game modes with bots like Rumble Bot and Gartic Bot, these games can help increase your community engagement and build a sense of togetherness. Give them a try and see how much fun you can have!

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    Adnan Khaled

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