How to Remove Bots from a Discord Server the Right Way

How to Remove Bots And Inactive Members From a Discord Server the Right Way

  • 02-05-2023

    Discord is a popular communication platform used by millions of people worldwide. Discord servers are communities where people can come together and interact with each other. However, You might launch an invite campaign and many bots join or someone just attacks your server with bots, which can lead to clutter and reduce the overall effectiveness of the server. In this article, we will discuss how to remove bots from a Discord server the right way.


    Discord is a powerful tool for communication, but it's important to keep your server organized and clean. bots can clutter up your server and reduce its effectiveness. Removing bots is an essential task to keep your server running smoothly.

    Adding the Tool to Remove Bots

    There are a couple of bots that can do the job, but the best one in my opinion is a bot called Booty, this bot will help identify inactive members and remove them.

    Setup Tutorial

    1. First you need to invite the bot to your server, you can do that using the following link:
    2. Now you need to send the /update_db command, you will see and message like this.

      Booty Discord Bot

    3. Please notice: Booty can only kick members after he is on your server for some time. Let's say you want to remove everyone who was not active for 60 days, this will work 60 days after you used the /update_db command the first time.
    4. You can whitelist people as well so the bot doesn't kick them using, /whitelist_add and type the name in the box.

      Booty Discord Bot Whitelist

    5. You can whitelist roles as well, all you need to do is go to the role section and put the role you need to whitelist above booty role, In this example I whitelisted the water role.

      Booty Discord Bot Role Whitelist

    6. Now you are ready to kick the inactive and bot account, to do that use the command /kick and choose the number of days they should have been inactive since this example will kick people that have not been active for 30 days (Not active means not sending a message or joining a VC).

      Booty Discord Bot Kick

    7. You can as well simulate how many members will be kicked using “/kick_status” command.


    Removing inactive accounts and bots from your Discord server is an important task to keep your server organized and effective. By identifying inactive accounts and using the correct bots to remove them you can keep your server running smoothly.


    1. How long should an account be inactive before it's removed?
           This depends on your server's specific needs. You should establish a removal policy that works best for your server.
    2. How do I communicate with an inactive account owner?
           You can send a direct message to the account owner through Discord.
    3. Can I remove accounts in bulk?
           Yes, Discord allows you to remove multiple accounts at once.
    4. Is there a way to track user activity on my server?
           Yes, Discord offers a number of bots and tools that can help you track user activity.
    5. How often should I remove inactive accounts?
           This also depends on your server's specific needs. You should establish a removal policy that works best for your server.
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    Adnan Khaled

    Adnan Khaled

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