How To Keep Your Discord Server Secure

How To Keep Your Discord Server Secure

  • 24-03-2023

    Discord hacks are very common, infact not long ago bayc discord was hacked and more than 360,000$ where stolen, to combat these incidents, new bots have been created to minimize the risk of hacking. By utilizing these bots and techniques, the chance of a server being hacked can be reduced to almost zero. In this week's newsletter, I will share a complete setup guide for these protective bots and show you how to use them to protect your community.

    In this blog, I will be diving into these cutting-edge solutions. I will provide a comprehensive guide on how to set up these bots and how you can utilize them to secure your Discord server.

    Discord servers can be hacked in 2 ways:
    To prevent bots from being hacked, it's crucial to implement proper security measures and limit their permissions to only what's necessary for their operation.

    Introducing the Good Knight Bot a new solution that helps prevent hacking by only allowing registered and password-protected links to be shared in the server. This makes it nearly impossible for a hacker to spread links even if they gain access to an account.

    Here is a detailed guide on how to keep your discord server secure with video walkthrough:

    1. First you will need to add the bot to your server, head over here and invite the bot to your server
    2. Now, send "/setup" and follow the setup guide.

      Good Knight Bot Setup

    3. The bot will first create 2 new channels.
    4. It will ask you to choose the protection method, use password.
    5. Then it will ask you to choose the admin member, this member will have all the privilege to edit the bot, check with the team/owner who you want the admin to be.
    6. Choose follow updates, to stay updated with all the new features of good knight.
    7. Disable permission wizard.
    8. Enable panic mode, it will lock the server in an event of bot raids for example.
    9. Choose Anti-link, this will delete all the links.
    10. Activate anti-webhook protection.
    Video Walkthrough:

    Congrats, now your server is secured, The next step is to tell the mods to register their passwords, to do that they should go to an admin channel and send “/password-manage” and press create a password.

    Good Knight Bot Password

    Now for each Link, they need to send "/link-register" first and register this link with their password there are two types of links:
    Specific: Only this exact link will be (un)registered
    Global: Any link with this domain and path will be (un)registered (e.g.

    Good Knight Bot Register

    In conclusion, the importance of securing your Discord server cannot be overstated. With the recent cases of hacking in the online community, it is essential to take the necessary precautions to prevent such incidents. By implementing innovative solutions like the Good Knight Bot, you can protect your server and keep your community safe.

    Still, need help in setting up the security for your discord? We have helped many clients in setting up Good knightbot, not only that we specialize in managing and growing your web3 communities and increasing engagement by at least 300%, check us out here and if you are ready to take your community to the next level book a call with us and we will create a free strategy plan to grow your community.
    Adnan Khaled

    Adnan Khaled

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